Jon Matthew Chonko



Jetty is a new way of buying renters and property insurance. It makes going online, getting a quote, and buying a policy quick and easy. At Studio Rodrigo, I worked directly with the founder to quickly design, test, and deploy the first version of Jetty's "quote and bind" flow for the product's launch. I embedded within Jetty's team, leading the UX and visual design process and working with one junior designer underneath me. We also worked in tandem with a branding agency while the brand, illustrations, and other elements were finalized.


Responsive Web

The experience was designed for desktop and mobile web.


Creating an Educated User

The most challenging aspect of selling renter's insurance, is explaining to a user what needs to be covered and what they might need to buy. Jetty had an assumption that we could use the quote and bind process to explain the subtleties of insurance to our users while providing them with the best coverage possible. We created several flows to test this assumption. We also created flows that offered a competent quote in as few steps as possible.


Quote Results


Complete Purchase and management

In addition to the the quote and bind flow we designed a dashboard to manage your account, change your policy, or make a claim.